How to Truly Survive Fashion Week – A Guide From a World-renowned Manicurist

Rachel Adler


One of the most inspirational (and influential) manicurists in the business today, Jin Soon Choi is a backstage mainstay during New York Fashion Week. We all know her due to her eponymous salon and polish line, but Choi is behind the nails on most of the magazine covers you see each month—which is why when she sees the models and designers during the craziest time of the year, she’s generally posing for selfies in between manicures.

In order to keep up with the frenetic pace of the week, we asked Choi about all of her healthy snacking tricks, fitness tips and even her comfy shoe go-tos that get her through it all. And, we personally think everyone should heed her advice to cut back on your garlic intake when you’re in close quarters—trust.

The snack I pack is:
“Dry persimmons and cashews—it’s the perfect sustenance for a busy day when I don’t have time for real meals!”

My go-to drink during the day is:
Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water. This is one of my favorite indulgences and I usually have at least one a day.”

The workout I try to fit in is:
“Spinning or jumping rope. Spinning is for when I have time, but more often than not, I sneak in a quick jump rope workout to boost my energy.”

The shoes I wear all week are:
“I like slip-ons with a bit of height because they are easy to wear and give me a little height. My favorites are by Flamingo, Prada, and Kenneth Cole.”

The beauty product I keep in my bag to look awake is:
RMS lip2cheek in Beloved.”

To start my day, I eat:
“A Fuji apple and fried eggs. This has been my morning routine for quite some time!”


The one thing I’ll never eat during Fashion Week is:
“Garlic, as much as I enjoy it…”

My favorite NYFW restaurant spot is:
EN Japanese Restaurant—I love both the food and the atmosphere.”

The best people to follow on Instagram during Fashion Week are:
Edward Enninful, Katie Grand, and Pat McGrath.”

My best tip for traveling light is:
“Pack fewer pants than tops so you can mix and match more often just by changing your top.”


The music I listen to backstage on repeat is:
“Bossa Nova. This is one of our favorite types of music played in my salons as well.”

My favorite models to work on are:
Karlie Kloss and Fei Fei Sun because they have great nails.”

The product I can’t wait to work with this season is:
“The new JINsoon Spring 2016 colors.”

My favorite Fashion Week city is:
“Paris even though I only do New York shows.”

The best part of Fashion Week is:
“Seeing friends, including editors and bloggers. It’s always a fun reunion.”

The worst part of Fashion Week is:
“Having to go to different sites on a tight schedule. I wish Fashion Week was held in one location.”

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