Celebrity Hair Inspiration: Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale Show Us How It’s Done

The cast of Total Recall recently wrapped the international portion of their promotional tour and certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of beauty. The leading ladies of the film delivered some dazzling hairstyles that complemented their features and ensembles. Whether loose and flowing or gathered in an updo, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale sported timeless styles that can be recreated for your next event.


From polished styles to messier choices, a low side bun was a favored look by Beckinsale. A low side bun allows for a more relaxed take on styling and still looks elegant enough for a formal affair. Side-swept bangs or loose curled pieces frame the face give it a more polished feel and ties the overall took together

Biel took a fresh approach to classic styles, like the bun and French twist, and played with her haircut. Her messy twist at the Berlin film photo call was amplified by textured hair and extra volume. Texturing your tresses with sprays or tools prior to creating your updo adds an extra element to your look. Also, teasing a bit at the roots not only adds height to the hair but also helps hold the hairstyle for a longer period of time. At the UK premiere it was all about highlighting her blunt bangs. Pulling your hair into a clean bun and showcasing your bangs or a little volume at the crown will always read as a polished style. Borrowing tips from Biel’s looks will help you liven up these seemingly dated hairstyles.

Loose and Free

Both Biel and Beckinsale took breaks from their updo’s and sported free flowing locks during their international press tour. Whether it was defined curls or relaxed waves, glossy and healthy looking hair was a key component in this look. Adding a finishing shine spray or serum after styling your hair not only takes care of those pesky flyaways at the roots but gives the illusion of perfect healthy hair.  If you want to add a little pop to your loose look, part your hair on the side, pick up your bangs and loosely pin to the side, like Beckinsale did in Berlin.

Whether it was modern takes on classic updos or glamorous free flowing hair, borrowing a few inspirational tips from glamorous Hollywood starlets can help transform your next look. If you’re running to a casual dinner with friends or have to go to a formal event, try these hairstyles and tips and add a little personality to your hair.