Jessica Biel Gets Bangs, Continues To Look Perfect

Jessica Biel Gets Bangs, Continues To Look Perfect
Photo: Getty Images

While you were munching away at your lunch yesterday afternoon, counting down the hours until 6 p.m. and Netflix time, Jessica Biel was sitting in a salon in Los Angeles, quietly chopping away at her hair, completely unaware of the Internet frenzy she was about to cause.

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Biel, who has embodied some of our ultimate hair goals for the better part of a decade (remember her thick, blunt bangs from 2012?) Tweeted two side-by-side pictures yesterday, with the caption “FRINGE! by @hairbyadir.” The first photo showed the actress in mid-snip, while the second was an “after” shot with hairstylist Adir Abergel. An hour later, Biel Tweeted another photo, this time with colorist Tracey Cunningham. The caption: “And color by @TraceyColorist #Fringe.”

Just in case, you know, you didn’t have eyes and couldn’t see the photos and captions for yourself. Though Biel’s color change was minimal—a bit darker for fall, maybe? Some warm caramel highlights?—we’re all about trying new hair shades for the season. Even if it’s, like, 80 degrees in most of the country still.

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