Jenny McCarthy Says Laser Hair Removal Has Helped Her Sex Life

Megan Segura

Hotel Durex Charity Event Benefiting dance4life

Since the days of MTV’s Singled Out, Jenny McCarthy has been known as anything but demure (remember those Candie’s ads with her sitting on a toilet?), so it makes sense that she should be the spokesperson of Tria’s Hair Removal Laser 4X. Not many other celebrities would be willing to share stories of their “hairy” situations.

Funny enough, it was Wheel Of Fortune‘s Vanna White who initially turned Jenny onto laser treatment. “She was like ‘Listen, you’ve got to get into laser,’” Jenny told us at a Tria event. “And I was like ‘Really?’ But it was so expensive! And painful! And so is waxing, so they said that this device ($449, is just as good as in-office, and so I tested it and I was like, ‘Put me on board’ because it’s the only one that’s out there and works.”

Jenny also credits the device with helping in the relationship department. “Being back in the dating world, it does allow me to stay ready, if you will. Because before I’d be out with a guy and thinking ‘I can’t really get naughty with him because I didn’t shave,’ but now I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Yay me and my sex life!”

Aside from being cost-effective, Jenny likes at-home laser treatment better because of the privacy factor. “[With waxing and in-office treatments] you have to be in weird positions you don’t want to be. It’s the worst. Only a gynecologist should see this, not your hair removal lady.”

We also chatted about more traditional hairstyles. Jenny was sporting long hair for the event, but she was more than willing to show her real (and new) length hiding under extensions. “I just cut it all off. I cut it into this really short bob, and I was hired to do this commercial, and they said you have to put your hair back in. I was like ‘Boo.’”

Her favorite haircut? “Posh and I both had this angled haircut. I call it the Autism Hair because it’s when my son was diagnosed, and I was like this mommy warrior and I didn’t have time and I just wanted short hair. And then I grew it out and had long hair for a while and then just recently cut it again. As you get older I think it’s more about convenience than anything else. As long as you can have your beauty with convenience, that’s imperative to me.”

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