Jennifer Lopez’s Chain Ponytail Is the Only Thing That Can Distract Me From Maluma

Elizabeth Denton
Jennifer Lopez’s Chain Ponytail Is the Only Thing That Can Distract Me From Maluma
Photo: Mega.

Today is the day (or tonight is the night, I should say). The hot new video for Jennifer Lopez and Maluma’s two-part collaboration, “Pa’ Ti” and “Lonely” just dropped and…WOW. Aside from some seriously sexy outfits from both stars, I can’t take my eyes off Lopez’s chain ponytail. Hairstylist Chris Appleton shared behind-the-scenes pictures of his days on set the performer. So, now we can get a really close look at the chains in action.

In one video Appleton shared, a stylist is fixing the chain’s attached to Lopez’s black suit dress. She’s also rocking chain earrings with the long chain pony. If you look closely, you can see how Lopez’s hair is slicked back into a looped bun and chains are slipped right through it, hanging down past her waist. There are a few different lengths of chains resembling an actual human hair ponytail. It’s such a cool and different creation and perfect for J.Lo.

Appleton also gave us a peek at an ultra-glam look where Lopez’s hair is lighter than ever. The ’90s-style blonde features money piece highlights and a gold base, which makes J.Lo’s skin glow. It’s most likely a really great wig. Makeup artist Mary Phillips is responsible for her glam of blue eyeshadow and pink lips.

Of course, these aren’t the only killer looks in J.Lo and Maluma’s “Pa’ Ti” video. This is an iconic duo.

It’s not the last time you’ll see them together. The two co-star in the upcoming rom-com Marry Me, set to be released on Valentine’s Day weekend.

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