News: Jennifer Lawrence Goes Platinum; A Celeb Makeup Artist’s Go-To Lipstick Shades

Victoria Moorhouse
jennifer lawrence hair

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Some people go dark for fall, but Jennifer Lawrence has just gone platinum! The star was spotted with the new, silvery-blonde shade on the set of a new film, which may indicate that the change was to get into character. Regardless of why she broke out the dye, it’s just more evidence J.Law can pull off any look—just check out the before and after. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

A new study found that the average woman owns about 40 makeup items (not bad, right?), but on the average day only uses 5 of them! Since our love for beauty products runs deep, we’re just going to take that as an excuse to reassess (and maybe, maybe declutter) our massive stock. [StyleCaster Beauty]

From not cleaning your makeup brushes to skimping on the lip liner, here are 10 bad makeup habits you might want to quit. [Byrdie]

Celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury spills on the lipstick shades she uses on Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, and more! [InStyle]

Some beauty companies are now adding beef fat, properly named tallow, to skin care products—and before you feel a little disgusted, here’s why. [Allure]