Jennifer Hudson’s New Buzzcut is Everything

Rachel Krause

A shaved head is one look we always say we’d like to try, but probably never will. It is, after all, quite the commitment—as in, the commitment to showing the whole world your whole face all day every day. With that said, we give major props to any woman, celebrity or civilian, who goes for the buzz.

We can now count Jennifer Hudson among those women… and should we really be surprised? Jennifer has consistently floored us with not only a wide range of bold, daring, inspiring looks, but also her ability to wear them with the kind of swagger we try to channel every day. So when the multitalented actress and singer (and so on and so forth) showed off her freshly shorn locks on Instagram this past weekend, our reaction wasn’t so much shock or surprise as it was simple appreciation: even if we don’t have the cajones to do it, at least someone else does.

If the look rings a bell for you, you’re not the only one—J. Hud told that her reference was, indeed, Grace Jones, who made masculine flat-tops and buzzcuts happen in the ’70s and ’80s. She was also inspired by her move to New York, the ever-changing city that never sleeps. Jennifer, like her performing and path of work, is “always changing,” and when you’re always changing, shouldn’t your hair be, too?

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