News: Jennifer Garner Talks Sunscreen; What is Micellar Water?

Rachel Krause
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Neutrogena ambassador Jennifer Garner has taken a powerful pro-sun protection stance as a member of the Neutrogena Choose Skin Health initiative, which encourages skin cancer education and provides free screenings in a partnership with the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. [Allure]

In light of the recent New York Times nail salon exposĂ©, here’s how to tell whether your nail salon has fair payment policies—and what you should do if they don’t. [InStyle]

Like most “French beauty secrets,” the function of micellar water is slightly mystifying. Here’s a closer look at how it actually works. [Beauty High]

Cheryl Marks, the head hairstylist on the set of “Pitch Perfect 2,” dished on all the work that went into maintaining each cast member’s hair. [People]