TikTok Is Bringing Back The Round Brush & This One Is Jennifer Aniston-Approved

Summer Cartwright
TikTok Is Bringing Back The Round Brush & This One Is Jennifer Aniston-Approved
Photo: Courtesy: Tyler Boye/WWD

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There is no trend that TikTok won’t bring back—wrinkle patches? Check. Drugstore foundation? You bet. Huge ’90s-inspired blowouts? Say less. This latest resurgence has quite literally been the only thing I’ve seen on my feed as of late. So many users are showing off their Dyson Airwraps or touting their favorite round brush techniques to get bigger, bolder curls for 2022.

It’s been a while since round brushes have been mainstream—usually it’s just the professionals at the salon using them. But, now that at-home styling has become the norm, consumers everywhere are getting their hands on their first blowout brushes. So, I figured it’s my duty to let you all in on a secret: There’s one beloved brush that has had celebrities and hair stylists alike swooning for decades, and you can get it at Amazon.

The brush I’m speaking of is the iconic Ibiza round brush . It’s the kind that Jennifer Aniston uses to get her signature red carpet curls, according to her hair stylist. Even her bestie Courtney Cox has been spotted using the brush for a supremely sublime blowout.

Now, this is actually could be your mother’s round brush. The Ibiza styler was designed back in the 1950s and has been a staple in beauty routines ever since. It’s made of boar and nylon bristles that gently grab and hold onto your hair without pulling or ripping it out. The brand calls this innovation “gripslip” technology because it grips and doesn’t slip—a key when you’re twisting your brush from one direction to the next. You gotta love a good play on words. These materials are also heat-resistant, so they can withstand the hot temps you might be using to craft up your luscious curls.

And I’d be remiss not to mention the ergonomic cork handle that completes the brush. You never know how important a feature like a contoured holder is until you use it for the first time. Goodbye, sore hands.

If you’re thinking to yourself: “$50 for a hair brush—these people must be mad!” Then I get you. You don’t have to hear me out on this product any longer, though. Take it from Miss Aniston’s hairstylist, Chris McMilan himself.

“If you’re styling your hair and for some reason it’s just…meh, pause and look at what you’re holding,” he wrote in a piece for Allure. “More often than you’d think, the brush can make all the difference. Yes, of course, a great blow-dryer and the optimal styling lotion are important, too, but the right brush has the power to kick up the shine, smoothness, and awesomeness of your hair. And that, as everyone knows, is the opposite of meh.”

Ibiza Round Brush

Courtesy of Ibiza.

Though it’s pricier than most brushes, the Ibiza one is built to last for years and years. Shoppers call it the “holy grail” of hair care thanks to its ability to gently and efficiently style strands without much hassle.

One reviewer said that after switching to this styler, their hair is “healthier, softer, shinier .” They continued, writing: “I’m finally venturing back into the land of great hair days virtually every day. I would buy this brush again and again.”

Excuse us while we go join them (and our favorite friends, Courtney and Jenn) on that fabulous hair adventure.