Jennifer Aniston Did WHAT To Her Hair?

Wendy Rodewald
Jennifer Aniston is bald!

Jennifer Aniston shaved her head!
Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston has had the same style, more or less, ever since she ditched the “Rachel” in the ’90s — which is why we basically had a heart attack when we saw her latest cut.

Jen, who’s currently shooting an untitled project with Tim Robbins and Will Forte, debuted a freshly shorn scalp at an event in New York last night. “It’s for a role,” she told reporters on the red carpet. “My character gets to this really broken point, and [director] Daniel [Schechter] and I thought it would make her more realistic.”

Jen isn’t the first actress to go practically bald for a film. Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway both buzzed their hair for recent roles — and Hathaway even took home an Oscar partly thanks to her extreme makeover.

We’re not sure how Jen’s new look will affect her work with haircare brand Living Proof — her first campaign recently launched — but luckily, since she’s a part owner of the company, she can’t be fired.

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston’s buzzcut? Would you feel differently about it if you looked at your calendar right now? April Fools!

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