Makeover Alert! Jennifer Aniston Back to Long Hair

Megan Segura
Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres attend the birthday celebrations of Portia de Rossi at Crossroads restaurant in West Hollywood

Photo: PCN Photos

Does Jennifer Aniston regret chopping her hair? Back in November the actress showed off a freshly cut bob, but she was recently spotted with long hair once again. Either the actress takes some miracle vitamin that we need to get our hands on, or she’s suffering from hair regret and put in extensions.

It’s possible that Jen needed long hair for a film or commercial, but it’s more likely that she just missed her long hair. The actress has a habit of cutting her hair off but then going back to long hair soon after. We can’t blame her for wanting to stick to a signature look. She’s found what works for her, and it really does look amazing long.

Which look do you prefer?