News: Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Care Routine; MAC’s New Nostalgic Collection

Leah Faye Cooper
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Photo: Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

The subject of endless fodder and admiration since the days of “The Rachel,” Jennifer Aniston‘s hair is basically a celebrity in itself. Here’s how cares for it day to day. [Lipstick]

You’ll inevitably need a break today. We suggest spending it by taking this beauty quiz, which tests your knowledge of beauty products based on their packaging. [Byrdie]

Prepare to be transported back to your childhood: MAC is launching a Troll Doll-inspired collection. [Popsugar]

Care to sparkle like Mariah Carey this summer? And every summer for the rest of your life? These are the body shimmers that’ll get you her glow. [STYLECASTER]

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