News: Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Advice; How to Winterproof Your Skin

Victoria Moorhouse
jennifer aniston hair

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WireImage/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston is spreading her hair wisdom once again—and as per usual, our ears are open. In a recent interview, she shared her favorite hair care products, including the one that helps her fake a freshly washed head of hair. She also touches on who she thinks has the best hair in Hollywood. Spoiler: it’s a fellow “Friends” star. [Elle]

Last night’s CMA awards brought some seriously dramatic beauty looks—but none were bolder than Miranda Lambert’s, who dip-dyed her signature blonde hair pink! [People]

Have you tried cleansing with micellar water yet? According to one dermatologist, it’s a good choice when winter rolls around because it doesn’t strip your skin. Um, we’re there. [StyleCaster]

Super interesting facts that you never knew about MAC—the makeup, not the thing you’re (probably) reading this on. [Allure]

Have you seen Halle Berry‘s new hair color? It’s pretty amazing. []

Yoga poses that will help you stretch out and loosen up after a super long flight. Holiday travelers, listen up. [The Coveteur]