Jennifer Aniston’s $141,037.97 Beauty Routine

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Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty

Sure, the stars are gorgeous, but did you ever wonder what it costs to keep them looking that good? Oh No They Didn’t tallied up Jennifer Aniston’s beauty bill, and it came to a whopping $141,037,97. What exactly can you get for the cost of a college education, S-class Mercedes, or the average Midwestern home? Take a look…

Try on Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio

While Jen has touted the generous effects of Neutrogena’s Facial Cleansing Bar ($2.49) and Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream ($42.95), the starlet splurges on costly professional treatments. Aniston books facials at the Tracie Martyn Spa before events and appearances for $450, and often leaves with nearly $400 worth of skincare goodies. If she racks up a single facial every month, along with a $295 chemical peel she has mentioned in interviews, Brangelina’s rival makes a monthly $1,186.95 dent in her bank account each month.

How could Jen trust any stylist besides Chris McMillian (he invented The Rachel) event if he does charge her $600 a cut. His salon in Malibu, where Aniston visits almost monthly, boasts $350 highlights, and a hair care starter kit that’s almost $30. Before tips, that adds up to a base of $920 per visit.

Is Jennifer Aniston Changing Her Hair?!

Only Jen’s makeup artist (who could charge the average $4,000 day rate) knows exactly what she decorates those million dollar peepers and pout with, but if the actress’s Harper’s Bazaar cover is any indicator she’s dropping over $400 on products alone. Between Chanel fluide ($49), Cle de Peau foundation ($88), Nars eye shadow (23), and a slew of other designer products, Aniston’s red carpet look runs her about $4,402.

When we punch into our calculators the $120 eyebrow waxing sessions with Anastasia Soare, an 18K plastic surgery bill for those two nose jobs that corrected her ‘deviated septum’, her $45 bi-weekly tanning bill, and personal training sessions that cost $300 an hour paired with a weekly diet plan that runs $385, Jennifer Aniston writes a monthly beauty check for $11,933.97. Or, $141,037.97 annually.

Do you think Jen looks like 150,000 bucks?