Wait, What?! Jennifer Aniston’s Secret Beauty Weapon Is from Mars

Megan Segura
Her skin is out of this world.

Her skin is out of this world.

We’ve heard before that Jennifer Aniston spends over $100,000 a year on her beauty routine, but this latest rumor about the star is quite surprising. According to the Daily Mail, the actress uses $450 neck cream made from crystals from Mars.

Wait, what?

Euoko Y-42 Fractional Neck Lift Concentrate lists “Discovered-on-Mars Iron Rose Crystal from Effusive Magma Rock in Hydrothermal Seams” as one of its ingredients. While we’re a bit skeptical of such a ridiculous sounding ingredient, we do have to admit that Jennifer’s neck looks pretty good, even at age 44.

Is a wrinkle-free neck worth $450 a month to you? 

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