News: Jennifer Aniston on Bad Hair Days; Self-Heating Face Masks

Victoria Moorhouse
jennifer aniston hair secrets

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Jennifer Aniston shared her secrets for beating a bad hair day (turns out, she doesn’t have that many), and her biggest hair regret. Spoiler: it’s an entire decade. Beauty talk with Jen is always intriguing.
[Harper’s Bazaar]

Find out how self-heating face masks actually work and the amazing things they can do for your skin. It might just be your new cold-weather beauty essential. [StyleCaster]

Jamie Chung broke down her entire day-to-night skin care routine (products included!) and her best makeup tip for a youthful look. It’s all about the brows. [Allure]

Do not underestimate the power of a bobby pin. Turns out, these things are little multi-taskers and can be used for way more than just securing your updo. [Byrdie]

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