Jenna Dewan Tatum Swears by These Woman-Owned Brands for Her Gorgeous Skin

Jenna Dewan Tatum Swears by These Woman-Owned Brands for Her Gorgeous Skin
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As bonafide beauty lovers, we appreciate every type of beauty routine, including the ridiculously expensive ones. And for this reason, we found great joy in watching Jenna Dewan Tatum break down everything she uses to look airbrushed without a swipe of makeup. (Side note: we cannot look away from those perfectly arched brows, either!)

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In a recent video uploaded to her YouTube channel, the actress revealed that about 3/4 of her routine is courtesy of woman-owned brands, something we can definitely get behind. Her favorite seems to be Dr. Barbara Sturm, whose namesake collection is used by other famous beauties including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and the ageless Angela Bassett.

She’s also responsible for pioneering the blood-infused skin care trend that started around the same time Kim Kardashian got that vampire facial she now regrets. As for Dewan Tatum, she regularly uses the Glow Drops ($145), Hyaluronic Serum ($300) and Sun Drops SPF 50 ($145), the latter of which has helped lessen the side-effects of her melasma.

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There’s also the EGF Platinum 3 Restorative Facial Elixir ($198) and Uplift Facial Massage Beauty Roller ($69) from Nurse Jackie, an anti-aging line started by–you guessed it– Nurse Jamie, a registered nurse who also has a long list of celebrity clientele.

And because everyone’s skin care routine needs a cult favorite staple, she also keeps La Mer’s Eye Concentrate ($205) on deck for good measure. The obvious takeaway here is that damn, there are a lot of triple-digit items here (at a grand total of around $1979).

And while our modest bank accounts could never survive a routine this fancy, we do appreciate Dewan Tatum for not only showing us the products she actually uses, but sharing why they’re worth investing in.

And if you can’t invest, Dewan has pretty easy advice that anyone can follow: “I always do an oil. I always do a retinol. And I always do a cleanser.”

Watch the full haul above.