Jenna Dewan-Tatum Sports Fall’s Hottest Looks, Dishes on Beauty Must-Haves and Past Mistakes

Rachel Adler
Jenna Dewan-Tatum Sports Fall’s Hottest Looks, Dishes on Beauty Must-Haves and Past Mistakes
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Many of us watched as Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum fell in love on screen years ago in the first of what would become a very successful Step Up franchise (and a fairytale love story). Now the couple has been sky-rocketed into the spotlight: Channing has been making headlines for his past few films (most notably Magic Mike) and Jenna’s short stint on the controversial show The Playboy Club helped to push her career into the forefront. Now the two will be starring in the upcoming 10 Years together, and Jenna also recently scored a plum role joining the cast of American Horror Story alongside Adam Levine.

In our first fall beauty editorial for this year (shot by Jake Bailey) the gorgeous Jenna sports some of the season’s biggest beauty trends — from bold lips to slicked-back hair.  Although she was completely jet-lagged and had no idea what time zone she was in when she arrived, the petite brunette was upbeat and constantly gushing about how lucky she is — and how grateful she is for everything she has. Here, Jenna dishes on her beauty must-haves, how Channing makes her feel beautiful, and her worst beauty faux pas of the past.

Beauty High: First things first. What are your beauty must-haves?

Jenna Dewan-Tatum: Argan Oil. Josie Maran Argan Oil from Face. I don’t go on any travel days without it. It has the most moisturizing effect — it just makes you have this glow even though you’ve only slept for five hours. It’s incredible. I use it on my hair, on dry skin on my face — I just slather it all over before a flight and I wake up and its just dewy skin. So it’s kind of just my secret. Also an eyelash curler, mascara, and brow pencil.

You’ve been traveling so much, is there anything that you need to have with you that you can’t leave home without?

The Blackout Eye Mask by Brookstone is my travel must. I can’t go anywhere or survive jet lag without it. It sticks up off your eyes so it doesn’t smash your eyelashes and you don’t wake up puffy.

Do you use that on the plane?

Oh yeah! I look like a fool. I mean, it’s bright blue and it sticks up off of you like alien eyes, but it works and I don’t really care.

What trend are you most looking forward to for fall? 

I think I’m going to dye my hair back dark, which I’m kind of excited for. I’m gonna do the dark brown with the dark brows for fall. But for summer, it’s just still all about the highlights.

Editor’s Note: Jenna actually recently debuted a new blonde hue, and we’re loving the shade. We guess she decided to play around with a lighter, summer color after all!

Love it! Now, what do you wear for events or dates that help you feel your sexiest?

Heels. Sky high heels. I mean four inches and more. I just love really high heels. Helps out us vertically challenged women. I’m five-foot-three and a half … I love how I add the half. But I love a heel and actually, red lips to me, is something that just makes me feel more feminine and sexy. I feel like I’m ready to go out on the town and have a fun night out with a little bit of red lipstick. Heels and red lipstick, such a girl.

All of us at one time or another have made a terrible beauty mistake, and it’s usually in our teen years. What are some of yours?

Oh, I had so many. Sun-In was my worst. I wanted highlights and I have really dark, almost black hair and I Sun-In’d all of my hair and it turned out a really bright orange when I was 17. And then you can’t get rid of it, and you sort of just have to keep dyeing it over and it grows out and it’s this horrible color orange. I also did, back when I was a teen, when it was really popular to do the racing stripes. Remember the like dark black with the like blonde streaks. And then Real Raisin Lip Liner. I’ll never forget it. I think it’s still out, too. We’d all wear like the dark lip liner look. And we all had the same color, and me and my 10 best friends would all have the same lipstick, no matter what the coloring of our hair was. I chopped my hair off one time, I’ve cut my own bangs one time. I’ve done it all.

Obviously, Step Up has a huge fan following. Do you think you’d ever do another dance movie?

Yeah! I’d love to. I’d love to do another dance movie. It has to be, you know a good dance movie. There’s a lot of movies that are either the same thing regurgitated over and over again as a dance movie, but I’d like to do a musical. So I’m actively searching for a musical, a film musical to do. I just … I love dance. That’s always gonna be my first two loves, so any way I can continue doing that.

So we have to ask, you just spent an amazing vacation with Channing. How does he make you feel beautiful?

He’s the best! He loves me when I wake up in the morning  — when I wake up with no makeup on and my hair’s a mess, and if he loves me like that then you can only go up from there. So, I’m a very lucky girl.

How does it feel to have basically everybody loving your husband?

I mean, I’m proud of him, I’m glad the world agrees with me. We have just a really honest, truthful relationship that it just works. You know, we make it work. We put a lot of time into it. I’m just happy the world agrees with me, to be honest. The whole world agrees with me and that makes me happy for him.

Photographer: Jake Bailey
Photography Assistant:
Justin Conly
Post-Production: Johanna Bailey,

Makeup: Jordy Poon, Bryan Bantry
Hairstylist: Jen Atkin, The Wall Group
Manicurist: Aggie Zaro, Bryan Bantry
Stylist: Ann Brady

Stylist Assistant: Alyssa McDermott
Producer: Marni Golden
Beauty Director: Rachel Adler

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We get up close and personal with Jenna Dewan-Tatum in our latest editorial. Click through the slides for tips on how to get her look, and read the full interview with the starlet below!

Makeup artist Jordy Poon chose a variety of bold lip shades to highlight fall's fun, deep lip trend. And, we of course played up her brows to complete the look. On her nails, manicurist Aggie Zaro chose a metallic gold shade, using Essie's Good as Gold. (Monika Chiang Ankle Length Cowl Back Dress, $245,

Jordy recommends using a concealer pencil around the line of your lip to define the lip. (Monika Chiang Ankle Length Cowl Back Dress, $245,

He also added that bold lip color isn't a new trend, and there are
plenty of products available to help the look stay all day. "It's
already a statement on it's own, so you don't need to add an accessory
as a statement," said Jordy. (Michael Kors Wool One-Button Blazer, $1,595,

Metallics are back in a big way for fall, with a bit of shimmer being
added into lip products and of course nail products. We used MAC Viva Glam IV for this look. (Michael Kors Wool One-Button Blazer, $1,595,

Instead of settling on a top knot, hairstylist Jen suggests going for a deep side
part to mix things up and make your hair a bit "more glam." Jen added,
"Sleek your bangs over and if you have any fringe that gets in the way,
just take tiny little bobby pins and stack them on top of one another." (Goorin Bros. Original Hat,

Jenna perfectly pulled off the hot pink lip look, rocking Tom Ford's Flamingo lipstick. (Milly Ella Double-weave in Blossom/Black, $375,; Women's Gerard in Black by Classic Specs, $89,; Triple Point Ring, $195,

A classic red lip and black dress are two staples every girl should
have, and Jenna notes below that a red lip is one of her go-to's to feel
sexy. (Monika Chiang Ankle Length Cowl Back Dress, $245,

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