The $6 Dry Shampoo Jenna Dewan Uses for Her Beachy Hair Texture

The $6 Dry Shampoo Jenna Dewan Uses for Her Beachy Hair Texture
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Jenna Dewan might be known for her expensive (and we mean thousands-of-dollars-worth expensive) skin-care routine, but when it comes to her hair, she keeps it relatively affordable. Along with swearing by cheap finds, including Kristen Ess’s $10 Sea Salt Spray and Leave-In Conditioner, 37-year-old dancer also isn’t above the drugstore—as proven by her infatuation with a $6 dry shampoo that she has been using since her dance recital days.

In a video on her YouTube channel, the “World of Dance” host took followers through her scrunch-and-go hair routine. One product that caught our attention was Batiste’s Blush Floral & Flirty Dry Shampoo. But Dewan doesn’t only use it to refresh her hair after a day of grime. The actress also keeps it handy to give her hair some extra grit and texture for a night out.

“When you don’t want to wash your hair every single day, this stuff for some reason is just magic and it smells really good,” Dewan said. “I also use it if I’m going to be putting my hair up. Or going out at night, I put it in to give it some grit and some texture.

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And though we’re always sus when celebrities say that they use drugstore products, we’re inclined to believe Dewan, given her long history with the dry shampoo. The “Step Up” star said that she has been using the dry shampoo to prep her hair for dance recitals since she was a little girl. “This is a shining product. This is from the drugstore. I’m pretty sure it’s under $5. It’s been used on me since I was in dance recitals my entire life,” Dewan said. “It’s just the best find. Take it from a dance recital girl.”

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If it’s good enough for Jenna Dewan, it’s good enough for us.