Jemima Kirke Got a Post-“Girls” Makeover

Jemima Kirke Got a Post-“Girls” Makeover
Photo: Getty Images

Anyone who has ever watched an episode of HBO’s Girls will remember Jessa Johansson, a free-spirited wild child with long-as-hell waves that made every short-haired girl curse the heavens in envy. (Hey, that’s what we did, at least.) And though the boho lady of love will be forever emblazoned in our brains, actress Jemima Kirke—the actress who plays Jessa—is giving us new hair inspo for fall, thanks to her major haircut that she debuted over the weekend.

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On Saturday, Allison Williams posted a photo to Instagram of Kirke hangin’ out on a stoop, looking chill af and sporting a blunt, jaw-length lob in the blondest of blonde shades. The caption on the photo: “When cool kids grow up, they just become cooler kids.”

(Note: We feel the need to remind you that, contrary to shitty belief, cool kids don’t smoke. Williams did add a few PSA-worthy captions to the photo, though, saying #IKnowSmokingIsBad and #ButSheWasBornSmoking. But…just don’t smoke, OK?)

Lena Dunham also snapped a photo for Instagram of herself hanging with Williams and newly-lobbed Kirke, giving us FOMO for the umpteenth time since watching the Girls cast do anything together. We will say, though, that seeing Kirke with a cropped cut makes the final season of Girls seem that much more real and sad. And we hate that. But if the upside of the show’s end is cool-ass haircuts on our favorite actresses, then maybe we can get behind it.

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