Jeannine’s Sexy Fall Makeover

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jeannine before and after

One of our favorite things about fall beauty is all the fabulously deep, dark, saturated colors. BeautySweetSpot founder Jeannine knows a little something about the deep and dark look — she’s had jet-black hair for years! “I’ve been dying my long hair blue-black since college and I think it’s way too cool for my skin tone — and it’s time for a change,” she says.

Warming Up

Jeannine Color

Unfortunately for Jeannine, ultra-dark hair colors are the hardest to remove without causing major damage. Bumble and bumble colorist Elizabeth Hiserodt opted to warm up the jet-black hue instead of removing it. “We don’t want to do anything too dramatic,” said Elizabeth. “If we put highlights on top of that blue-black it would look tacky.” She gently lifted Jeannine’s color, which cancelled out the blue undertones and gave her a warm, dark brown color all over that softened up her overall look.

Making The Cut
After years of growing her long locks, Jeannine’s all-one-length hair was both damaged and a little blah. Bumble and bumble stylist Denise McLaughlin freshened it up by cutting off five inches, adding some long layers and thinning out her heavy, straight across bangs to create a softer, sweeping bang. She used a razor all over to add softness, texture and some swing.

Jeannine Hair Cut

To style it, she sprayed wet hair with Thickening Spray to plump up the cuticle, then dusted the ends with a dab of Defrizz to add shine and separation. Once hair was completely dry she went through and sprayed Does It All Styling Spray to build up the texture. “This style definitely makes her hair look thicker,” says Denise. “It was really skinny at the bottom so even though we cut a lot off, this gives her more strength and more lift so it doesn’t drag her down anymore.”

The Eyes Have It

Jeannine Makeup

MAC senior makeup artist Luc Bouchard loved Jeannine’s unique golden-hazel eyes so he made them the focus of the look. He lined the insides of the eyes with Eye Kohl in Teddy, then went over it with Eye Kohl in Smolder, blending the two shades out underneath the eyes. On the lid he used the dark green Grey Range shade from the Photo Realism Eye Shadow X4 palette. He applied this in a triangular, almost 80’s shape, but softer. “This shape basically stretches out the eye — it’s like a softer, more diffused version of the cat-eye,” he said. He kept the lips and cheeks neutral, using a soft peach tone on each to warm up the skin without overwhelming the intense eye.

Want to see how you’d look in Jeannine’s sexy new look? Try it on now in the Makeover Studio!

Jeannine After

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