Bella Hadid Highlighted Her Jaw So Now Everyone On TikTok Is Highlighting Their Jaw

Elizabeth Denton
Bella Hadid Highlighted Her Jaw So Now Everyone On TikTok Is Highlighting Their Jaw
Photo: TikTok.

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There’s one specific photo of Bella Hadid that’s going viral on TikTok. She has her hair pulled back and she’s kissing a friend. Her jaw looks like it’s glowing. While it’s likely the phone flash, a dewy base and her bone structure, folks on TikTok have been trying to recreate the snatched look — and to really pretty results. We didn’t see Bella Hadid-inspired jaw highlight as one of the first 2022 beauty trends.

I first saw the jaw highlight on TikToker @rachelocoolmua‘s account. “Look at her jaw,” she says in a video. “The way her jaw is highlighted here, it just makes me think, can we recreate this with makeup?” It’s important to note, she’s not saying Hadid is for sure wearing makeup here. But she sets off to try to get the glowy look with the products at her disposal.

Rachel uses the sold-out Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Highlighter Wand in Radiant finish ($40 at Sephora) and creates a sideways “L” shape right above her jaw. The result is really pretty! But she tries again using commenters’ suggestions to try to really nail the look.

She first adds a little bit of a contour shade under the jaw “to help with the contrast” and blends it down into her neck. Yes, she uses the also sold-out Hollywood Contour Wand ($40 at Sephora). This time, she uses a little less highlight and right on the jaw bone with the About-Face Light Lock Powder Pressed High Beam Powder ($18 at About-Face) and a fluffy eyeshadow brush. This seems to work even better.

As this TikToker pointed out, the trend probably works better on most skin types with a more dewy highlighter. For example, @mejoneil used Merit’s Day Glow Highlighting Balm ($30 at Merit) because it’s more glossy and has less of a sparkle finish. Makeup artist @feliciamaariemakeup on the other hand used R.E.M. Beauty Interstellar Highlighter Topper in Miss Mercury ($22 at R.E.M. Beauty) and it worked great — especially when she took a photo with flash.

Others have pointed out that you need a snatched natural jawline to make the trend work but I don’t think that’s true. Even the softest jaw looks gorgeous with a little glow. The key here is to be precise so using an eyeshadow brush over a typical highlight or blush brush is key.

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