Take Notes: Here’s the Exact Fitness Routine Model Jasmine Tookes Follows Each Week

Take Notes: Here’s the Exact Fitness Routine Model Jasmine Tookes Follows Each Week

We already know that Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes is the kind of woman who enjoys steak and mashed potatoes for dinner—she told us all about her surprisingly normal diet earlier in the year. She also admitted that she considers a sausage-and-egg sandwich a perfectly legitimate breakfast choice, and hates nothing more than a juice cleanse.

Armed with this information, we kind of assumed the L.A. native spends the bulk of her free time inside the gym—you don’t get a body like that from eating whatever you want, right?—but apparently that’s not the case. Really! Tookes—whose captivating looks are thanks to European, African, Brazilian, and West Indian ancestors—sticks to just three fat-burning workouts per week, but focuses heavily on a combo of calorie-burning resistance training with heavy weights, and toning, lengthening barre classes.

We got the 24-year-old to share how you can re-create her exact weekly workout plan, so keep reading and bookmark this for your next gym visit.

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Victoria’s Secret

Monday: Barre class
What I did: Worked out for one hour and 30 minutes. Today I did a barre class at Physique 57—it’s a great class for toning your muscles.
How I felt: I felt great. It is a difficult workout so my legs were a bit shaky and tired from the routine.
What I listened to: Each trainer at Physique 57 plays different music. All relatively upbeat to keep you going!

Tuesday: Rest day!

Wednesday: Lower-body weight training
What I did: I went to Dogpound, one of my new favorite gyms in New York City, for one hour. Today I worked on my lower body using a lot of weights.
Here was my routine:
Squats with a weighted bar (adding more weight each set)
Bulgarian squats with 20-pound weights in each hand
Assisted squats on a machine with 45 pounds
Step-ups with ankle weights
Lunges with 20-pound weights in each hand
How I felt: Exhausted and accomplished. I had an early call time for a shoot today. I was really tired from shooting all day, so it was very hard for me to be motivated to go to the gym.
What I listened to: I was listening to hip-hop music. I feel like hip-hop music fits best with doing weighted workouts. Makes you feel more badass.

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Core workout
What I did: I went to Dogpound again and worked on my core for one hour and thirty minutes at 6 a.m. When working on my core we do a lot of exercises on the Bosu ball. One of the exercises I like to do is a plank with the Bosu ball turned upside down and my hands on top. While in a plank position I bring one leg to the outside and upward to touch my elbow and then return to a plank position, switching legs each time.
How I felt: I felt good. Today was a slower workout where I really focused on my muscles. Again, I had an early call time for a shoot. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I wanted to get a workout in before the job.
What I listened to: I was listening to Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade.

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Saturday/Sunday: Rest days
This week I chose to take my weekends off to just relax after the long work week! It’s really important that you get proper rest when you’re working out.