Here’s Victoria’s Secret Model Jasmine Tookes’ Exact Workout

Here’s Victoria’s Secret Model Jasmine Tookes’ Exact Workout
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Jasmine Tookes just sashayed down the Victoria’s Secret runway in a $3 million dollar diamond-encrusted bra, so we’d say she knows a thing or two about fitness. She’s always kept it refreshingly real when it comes to how she works out (and when she takes breaks), so when we heard she did a new interview with New York about her exact weekly routine, we took notice.

First of all, lest you believe she eats nothing but super-clean foods to maintain that body, she quickly dispelled that myth (though she does tend to stick to nourishing, nutritious fuel most of the time). As to how she eats when she’s alone, she called out her two fave cheat foods: “hot wings and French fries.” Yup, we told you she keeps it real. “I love to eat tons of food with lots of carbs,” she said. “I balance it with working out. But generally, I try to be very clean and eat healthy, and always have a lot of protein. I do have a lot of cheat days. I feel like you should be able to eat what you want.”  [Ed. note: You should!]

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Those workouts she mentioned are all over the map, and you can follow along on the Instagram account that she and fellow model (and bestie) Josephine Skriver maintain, @joja, which documents their hardcore fitness game. In general, Tookes aims for four workouts per week, which is refreshingly doable.

“I do Physique 57,” she said. “Their class is less cardio-based—it’s slower. I love doing Pilates on a reformer for tightening and lightening. Twice a week, I’ll do weight training to build thighs and bulk up a little more. I’ll go to Dogpound. They really listen to you and what you want to accomplish. And for me, I want to build my legs and my butt. That’s always a goal. I love a bigger butt.”

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She added that heavy weights have changed her bod. “There’s a stigma surrounding heavy weight lifting, but you just have to figure out what’s good for you,” she said. “Some people might bulk up with doing heavy weight lifting, but I don’t.” That may be because she doesn’t do it too often. “I would say, try it once a week. Add more lengthening and Pilates and see if you see a difference. For me, personally, because of my metabolism, I try to stay far away from cardio for my body type. I also need a lot of protein. It’s the only way for me to maintain my body.”

So—there you have it. For a body like Tookes’, work out four times a week, eat lots of protein, stay away from cardio, and don’t forget the French fries.