The 10 Best Hair and Makeup Tricks from Model Jasmine Sanders

The 10 Best Hair and Makeup Tricks from Model Jasmine Sanders
Photo: Getty Images

If you’re not already familiar with Jasmine Sanders and her signature flaxen hair, let us introduce you: The German-born, South Carolina-bred model has graced the pages of W and Glamour, walked the runway for Jeremy Scott, and, oh, has amassed more than 2 million followers on Instagram (she aptly goes by the handle Golden Barbie).

None of this is surprising when you take into account her insanely awesome looks, rock-solid abs, fun personality, and love for all things wellness. Did we mention she runs in the same circles as Zendaya and model Sofia Richie? Given all that, we had to reach out to Sanders to get the details of her beauty and fitness routines. And, boy, are we glad we did. Keep reading to find out how Sanders manages to look so flawless—both on her feed and in real life.

Jasmine Sanders By Taschka Turnquist

Photo: Courtesy of Taschka Turnquist

Her go-to beauty products…

“I use mascara and a touch of concealer on my key points. I also highlight my nose and cheek bones with a little shine and blush.”

Her weekly skin-care routine consists of…

“I’m obsessed with keeping my skin hydrated, so I use a moisturizer and a rosewater spray daily. I also use makeup-removing towelettes to remove any makeup or dirt from the day.”

I stay healthy despite my hectic schedule by:

“I try to eat spinach at least once a day, drink water constantly, and do my best to lay off the salt. If I don’t get the chance to go to the gym how I’d like, then I’ll do a quick at-home workout. Everyone knows I’m a Southern girl, so I love fried chicken and fried food, but I avoid them—especially when preparing for a shoot. I trade it all for baked foods.”

Photo: Courtesy of The Society Management

Photo: Courtesy of The Society Management


Her favorite kinds of workouts…

“I enjoy the workouts that make me feel as if I’m not working out. I like to feel the pain the next day from fun activities that I shared with my friends from a random hike or a trip to the beach. Sometimes I don’t consider how much I work out on a day-to-day basis just because of my lifestyle. I’m always at the park with my dog or being playful with my friends, whether it’s on the basketball court or playing tag. I’m still a big kid.”

Her must-follow travel tips…

“Neck pillows are a must—you can even sit on them if your butt starts to hurt! Headphones for obvious reasons. Hand sanitizer, face wipes, and tissues should always be in your bag. Always travel with cool socks and a hoodie regardless of your destination. And, ladies, if you’re going on a long flight and have to have a full face of makeup on when you land, travel with a clean face to avoid breakouts from the bad circulating air. Then apply your full face of makeup just before you land.”

How she maintains her healthy curls…

“I’m blessed to have naturally curly hair, so maintaining my curls can be as quick as running some water through my hair and shaking it out. Tresemmé has a heat-protectant spray that is an amazing drugstore find. A hair masque and conditioner are paramount. If I’m using any type of holding hair sprays, I try to go for the ones that are easy to brush out so that I don’t damage my hair in the process of achieving a style.”

The beauty trend she’s dying to try…

“I’ve always wanted to figure out a way to remove shaving from my lifestyle, so I’ve recently started doing laser treatments. As of right now, everything is going extremely well, and I love it.”

Jasmine Sanders By Taschka Turnquist

Photo: Courtesy of Taschka Turnquist

Her Instagram and real-life inspirations…

“I pull from various spiritual, motivational, travel, and fitness posts. I enjoy seeing people who may not be in my field but who are dedicated to their work. That’s a big source of motivation. I like Beyoncé because of her work ethic and the fact that she’s always wanting to change her style, giving you what you least expect—all while keeping her head on straight and successfully running her business.”

Her selfie-taking tips…

“Selfies are always best when taken in natural lighting. It’s also good to keep your background as neutral as possible so the focus is on you.”

A thing you’d never guess about her…

“People think that I’m all about hair and makeup, glam and photo shoots, but really I’m a tomboy at heart. I enjoy football Sundays, playing basketball, and going to the gun range.”