Farewell, Man Bun: Jared Leto Just Cut Off His Hair

Victoria Moorhouse
Brian To/WENN.com

Brian To/WENN.com

Bid farewell to the man bun and braid, because it looks like our hair crush forever, Jared Leto, has cut off his beautiful, ombre locks. No, this isn’t some horrible, cruel joke, as one can’t kid about such things.

It appears that in order to take on his role as the Joker in the upcoming flick “Suicide Squad,” the actor had to say goodbye to the locks that millions have come to love. The film’s director, David Ayer, teased the big chop with a photo of someone holding scissors up to Jared’s ponytail with the daunting caption “Should We? #SuicideSquad.” If you’re really asking us, David, we would have said that you should put the cutting shears down and step away from Jared’s hair.

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Not only did Jared retweet that post and put it on Instagram with the caption “I miss my beard already,” but the film’s director then uploaded yet another picture of Jared—fresh-faced, beardless, and with seemingly super short hair. We’re not talking crew cut status, but if this pic is legit, it’s a big change from the flowing hairstyle that has become his signature and landed him on countless red carpet Best Beauty lists.

We’ll be on the lookout for updates from Jared himself, but this is bound to be one of the biggest celebrity hair changes of 2015—we’re calling it now.

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