Hotness Retrospective: Jared Leto’s Best Beauty Moments

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Hotness Retrospective: Jared Leto’s Best Beauty Moments
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It was announced today that noted man bun aficionado Jared Leto is the new face of Gucci Guilty. According to the press release, Leto was handpicked by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele to star in the campaign that will be shot in Venice, Italy.

Though we don’t know what the campaign will look like yet, we’re going to go out a limb and say that they’re going to be sexy. Because Jared Leto himself is—and we’re sure you’ve noticed this—hot as all get-out. He’s the perfect choice to front a fragrance, because if there’s one man we want our men to smell like, it would probably be Jared.

And no discussion of Leto would be complete without mentioning his amazing hair. That long, perfectly wavy ombre? Forget Blake Lively—he’s our ultimate hair inspiration.

So to celebrate his upcoming Gucci campaign (and because it’s Friday), let’s take a look back at Jared’s most iconic beauty moments. From his emo eyeliner days to Hipster Draco Malfoy, he’s definitely had a lot. Consider this your ultimate Leto Hotness Retrospective.

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To celebrate his upcoming Gucci campaign, let's take a look back at Jared's most iconic beauty moments. From his emo eyeliner days to Hipster Draco Malfoy, he's definitely had a lot. Consider this your ultimate Leto Hotness Retrospective.

Jared's amazing hair was first on display all the way back in 1994 in this layered bob. We'd also like to give an honourable mention to those incredibly thick brows.

He chopped it into this bleached-blonde pseudo-mullet in 2000, four years ahead of the Scene Hair trend.

And then, by 2004, he was rocking the Bieber. Could Jared Leto be a time-traveller? It WOULD explain why he never seems to age...

For one brief, shining moment in 2006, Jared Leto and every girl you went to college with had the exact same haircut, dye job and love of eyeliner.

Jared, your blonde's looking a little brassy. Look into toner, or perhaps a purple shampoo.

Perhaps inspired by Robert Pattinson's magical unicorn hair-forest, Jared allowed his lovely locks to reach for the stars in 2010.

And then there was the mohawk in 2010, and the less we say about it, the better.

By 2012, his hair had grown out enough for a short ponytail, but he wasn't blessing our eyeballs with his hair worn down very often. Not, that is, until...

...Summer 2013. Hipster Jesus is born.

Jared hit the promotional circuit HARD for The Dallas Buyer's Club, and his magical ombre mane came along for the ride.

His subtle highlights throughout 2013 are aspirational: bright, but not so bright that they compete with his ever-evolving facial hair.

The formal man bun that launched a thousand ladyboners, circa the Golden Globes 2014.

He went a little lighter all over for the 2014 SAG Awards, becoming the first "bronde" celebrity. Sorry, Blake Lively. We know you think you planted that flag first.

Jared is smizing SO hard right now that somewhere, somehow, Tyra feels a disruption in the force.

What's shinier in this photo: the Oscar, or Jared's hair?

If you've been wondering whether or not Jared Leto can rock the hell out of a side-part, the answer is yes.

JL presented at the 2015 Oscars, looking as Hipster Jesus-y as it is possible to look. Maybe dry your hair all the way, dude.

This is a look we like to call "Draco Malfoy on a yacht."

Okay, so pink Patrick Bateman hair is happening now, we guess?

Given his trend-predicting powers, this is the look all the hot young pop stars will be wearing in 2020. Congratulations on being dreadfully attractive, Jared!

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