Janelle Monae Dyed Her Armpit Hair Neon and Fans Are Loving It

Elizabeth Denton
Janelle Monae Dyed Her Armpit Hair Neon and Fans Are Loving It
Photo: Shutterstock.

Hairstylist Nikki Nelms had one more client left for 2019 and it was a bit different from her usual jobs. It was, in fact, Janelle Monae’s armpit hair and it’s chicer than you might be now imagining. The performer shared her new neon-colored underarm hair to Instagram in a video and fans are loving it. She posted the look with the caption: “What color did @nikkinelms dye my pits red, pynk, or orange? The winner gets a treat. Also when you have extra dye left extra parts get dyed and I love it.”

It seems like Nelms and her client decided to pop on some neon hair dye at the last minute. We don’t know how dark Monae’s natural armpit hair is (that’s a sentence I never thought I would type) but it’s possible Nelms’ had to use some bleach first to get the hair this pretty pink/orange shade. Yes, body hair can absolutely be pretty and Monae’s famous friends agree.

“I wanna touch it,” wrote Kehlani, probably thinking about how soft the hair looks. “Yasssssss! Would say pink,” wrote model Laetitia Ky.

This isn’t the first time Monae proved body hair is totally normal, NBD and an individual preference. In the music video for her empowering anthem “PYNK,” Monae posed in white underwear with pubic hair poking out the sides. It was a statement that said yes, women have body hair and what are you going to say about it?

If you’re looking to try Monae’s armpit hair color at home, it’s best left to a professional. The skin under your arms is extremely delicate and normal developer might be too strong. Of course, it’s easier if your hair is already on the lighter side as most hair colors will show up. Now, you just have to think of a shade to rock next summer.