Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg Shows Us Her YouTube Haul

Rachel Adler

Welcome to Vlogger Month on Beauty High! For the month of July, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite vloggers on the site, and finding out exactly how they do what they do. You’ll see the fun tutorial videos you know and love, get the behind-the-scenes of a vlogger set-up and you can look forward to exclusive interviews with the ladies you love the best.

We’re always curious to see what celebrity makeup artists are carrying around in their kits – or what they’re personally using themselves – since it’s literally their job to play with makeup all day and then use it to create gorgeous looks on some of our favorite stars. Makeup artist Jamie Greenberg does just that, working with the likes of Kaley Cuoco, Lucy Hale, Elisabeth Moss, Mindy Kaling and more. She also just happens to be one of the funniest vloggers we know, constantly giving us a peek behind-the-scenes to her life on set with her clients and sharing her very best cat eye tips.

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For vlogger month, Jamie shared with us her very first makeup haul, and in the video above you’ll see her sorting through a huge box of Avon products. As a Mark Makeup Artist, Jamie certainly knows the Mark brand inside and out, but mentions that she wanted to learn more about what Avon has to offer – and what she might be able to use from that side of the brand for her everyday life, and for her kit. When it comes to looking for products for her kit, Jamie told us that she needs “products that are more universal, a blush that would look good on light and dark skin.” She also looks for “fun new textures that would light up on a red carpet” for her celebrity clients. Plus, Jamie is always shopping for products for herself as well, and checking out any new colors that might simply work well on her!

Check out the video above to find out what Jamie discovered in her first haul!