Jamie Chung on Her Biggest Fashion Splurges and Her Perfect Wedding Dress

Spencer Cain

Actress Jamie Chung first got her feet wet in the entertainment industry thanks to a role on “The Real World: San Diego” back in 2004, and she’s been acting consistently since then—recently appearing in “The Hangover: Part II” and indie film “Eden,” as well as landing a role on ABC’s addictive “Once Upon a Time.” The 29-year-old is also a total fashion and beauty junkie, who never ceases to turn heads on a red carpet.

Chung recently stopped by the StyleCaster offices to pose for a spring lipstick shoot for Beauty High and while she was here, we couldn’t resist chatting with the actress about a few of her favorite fashion splurges—and (bonus!) she even dished on what she’d want to wear for her wedding when that day comes. Read on for more from Jamie Chung!

StyleCaster: What was your all-time favorite fashion splurge?

Jamie Chung: All-time favorite? Do I have to pick one? Most recently, I kind of went crazy with pairs of Manolos—like three. I feel like that new trend is taking over, and it’s the Manolo peep-toes, where everything is clear except for the toe and the heel. It’s my favorite.

What are three items in your closet that you’ll never throw out?

A: It would be my watch—I feel like you only need one timeless nice watch, and you can’t go wrong with black pumps. And I guess a traditional, conservative, not conservative, slutty, not slutty, just a nice black dress. You can’t go wrong with that, like a black cocktail dress. It’s very versatile: you can wear it to funerals, maybe a wedding, or a Bar Mitzvah.

Do you have a dream fashion purchase?

I think I caught a bug, because all I can think about is weddings. I don’t know—I’ve been looking at wedding dresses, and I never used to be the kind of girl to think about a wedding, that dream fairytale wedding, but I’ve been watching “Say Yes to the Dress,” and I’m always like, “Would I be able to wear that dress?” So I guess my dream purchase would be to find the perfect wedding dress!

Do you have any designers in mind?

Vera Wang makes beautiful gowns, and that’s all I know. Obviously I’m not that educated in this department.

Can you describe how your style has evolved since your career has taken off?

I feel like I’m starting to feel a bit more confident with my style. I think it has a direct correlation with my work. I’m starting to care less about what’s in and what’s out, and paying more attention to what really fits my body, and what I love, and the colors I’m digging at the moment. It’s kind of fun to just play, and I love that mix-matching patterns is now in because I was never really good at that to begin with, so I’m in style this season!

Photo courtesy of Marley Kate