Get the Look: Jamie Chung’s Gorgeous Braided Hairstyle

Alle Connell

Jamie Chung is forever blowing us away with her fun and pretty red carpet style—but it’s her hair that we most covet. From her beautiful sombre highlights to those enviable waves, she may have some of the most consistently perfect hair in Hollywood (and that’s really saying something).

But her latest amazing style takes the cake. From the front, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is your standard low ponytail…but from the back you see how special it really is.


Waves! Braids! Accessories! Be still our beating hearts—this might be one of our favorite red carpet hairstyles in a long time. Superstar stylist Sarah Potempa created Jamie’s stunning style, and told us exactly how you can get the look. Spoiler alert: it’s way easier than you think.

jamie chung hair

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for InStyle

Step 1: Part hair down the center.

Step 2: Seperate hair into 1″ sections, clipping back the sections you’re not working with with Sarah Potempa Darby Clips ($16, These clips fold over your hair to make sure that nothing gets loose while you’re styling. Genius!

Step 3: Curl each 1″ section with the Sarah Potempa Beachwaver S1 ($129, Make sure you don’t brush these curls out; keeping them together is part of the charm!

Step 4: Braid two small braids on the left, right behind your ears.

Step 5: Wrap the two braids over the hair, securing on the right with bobby pins.

Step 6: Spray with Aussie’s Aussome Volume Hairspray ($3.19, for texture and hold.

Step 7: Add a fun accessory, like Jamie’s beaded headpiece, holding it in place with U-shaped bobby pins in a similar color to your hair.

Voila! Impeccably beautiful hair is yours. Accessorize with bright lips and a subtle cat eye, and you’ll have a gorgeous look that’s truly worthy of the red carpet. We’re ready for our closeup!

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