This Makeup Artist Created the Perfect Recipe for DIY Glitter Face Masks

This Makeup Artist Created the Perfect Recipe for DIY Glitter Face Masks
Photo: ImaxTree

Late last year, a handful of scientists told “The Independent” that glitter should be considered an environmental hazard. Perhaps we agree just a bit, but that doesn’t curb our appetite for sparkly beauty products that look straight up amazing in a selfie. So much so, that brands such as GLAMGLOW and TooFaced have met our demands with shimmery face treatments of their own.

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However, we’d be remiss to admit that the price tags on these Instagrammable finds are sometimes too much for our modest budget. So, what’s a beauty junkie to do when he or she needs to get glowy without emptying her bank account? According to makeup artist and blogger Jake Jamie, you can do it yourself, literally.

This past weekend, “The Beauty Boy” blew our minds with his foolproof DIY recipe for a glitter mask, using a small set of affordable products. On Instagram, he began his tutorial with a spoonful of the Double Dare Spa OMG! Black Peel Off Mask ($7), followed by a few scrapes of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Champagne Tears lipstick ($18) and a spoonful of NYX Cosmetics Glitter Brilliants in Crystal ($6).

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After he mixed everything together and applied to his face, he was able to peel away his homemade mask in 30 minutes, leaving barely any sparkle behind. And what makes this experiment even more gratifying is the fact that every product used is safe for the skin.

Who else is ready to get crafty in 2018?