A Full Breakdown of Jaclyn Hill’s “Hairy” Lipstick Drama

Elizabeth Denton
A Full Breakdown of Jaclyn Hill’s “Hairy” Lipstick Drama
Photo: YouTube.

Another day, another YouTuber drama and this time, it’s all about makeup and not a problematic comment (for once). As you’ve probably heard, there’s a Jaclyn Hill lipstick situation that’s very, very bad. It’s shockingly bad, which is saying a lot considering we’ve been through it with these beauty influencers. Hill’s long-awaited makeup line, Jaclyn Cosmetics, launched May 30 and since then, there’s been nothing but issues. It started with ordering problems, people getting logged out and their carts being emptied. That was just the beginning and it’s only gotten worse.

Millions of Jaclyn Hill fans logged online to watch her YouTube video where she showed off her nude lipstick collection for the first time. They looked really pretty and unsurprisingly, fans quickly ordered bundles of them. Last week, orders started trickling in and fans started using their lipsticks. That’s when they noticed that most of them had some very serious quality control issues.

Some say the lipsticks actually burned and/or caused them to have reactions. Others didn’t even bother trying because you can see right away there are small holes, what looks like hair or fuzz and some kind of film on top.

Hill responded quickly to some comments, addressing what people thought was hair on the bullet. She claimed it was the lab’s “white gloves” that were “shedding.”

Most didn’t buy the excuse, saying the lipsticks seem old and moldy.

Fellow influencers are starting to speak out, as well. The most thorough and fair video comes from RawBeautyKristi. She busted out her microscope to get a good look at what was going on with the lipsticks. She compared the ones she purchased directly from Jaclyn Cosmetics and the ones she received in a PR package. A lot of the lipsticks had dozens of tiny fibers embedded inside and what looked like little plastic beads.

Most other beauty vloggers urged fans not to use the lipsticks and they wouldn’t try them out because they didn’t feel comfortable putting them on their lips. Makeup Geek CEO Marlena Stell took it one step further, saying there’s a “quality control issue.”

The only thing Hill has said (that I can find) is that she’ll be speaking out about everything soon. Fans are asking for refunds ASAP.

So, what the hell is going on? We’re not sure. Everyone has theories but they’re just that—theories. For now, we’ll wait until Hill releases a statement.

We’ve reached out to the company for a statement and will update this post when we hear back.