Jackie Aina’s Muslim-Themed Makeup Tutorial Is the Kind of Inclusivity We Need

Jackie Aina’s Muslim-Themed Makeup Tutorial Is the Kind of Inclusivity We Need
Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Essence/Getty Images.

At this point, it’s safe to say the beauty industry is heavily flawed when it comes to inclusivity and diversity. But with every failed foundation shade range, there’s a blogger, influencer or brand trying to even the scales. At the top of that list is YouTuber Jackie Aina. After calling out colorism in the industry, she put her money where her mouth was and partnered with Too Faced to expand their Born This Way Collection foundation shades. And now, she just posted a “Full Face of Muslim Owned/Halal Beauty Products” tutorial in support of her Muslim followers.

Although, the video may seem miniscule, it’s not to the 1.8 billion Muslims in the world (plus, that number is from 2015, so probably even more!). True, a large share of those people may not wear makeup, but seeing your people represented matters.

Aina got the idea from fellow YouTuber Chloe Morello who did an tutorial in honor of Eid— a holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. Aina started the video by acknowledging her place as a non-Muslim person and how she’s just trying to be an ally to people who don’t see many tutorials advocating for Halal products, Muslim-owned brands or influencers.

While Aina went through the tutorial she rattled off Muslim influencers and designers that she not only follows, but gets tons of inspiration from. Check out and follow them all ASAP:

  1. Mohammad Hindash 
  2. Nabela Noor
  3. Yasmine Simone 
  4. Ascia 
  5. Dalal AlDoub
  6. Chinutay 
  7. Farah Dhukai 
  8. Halima 
  9. Hodan Yusuf 
  10. Coco Becky
  11. Amena

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People are praising Aina for a video that caters to makeup-wearers outside the mainstream beauty norms. As one person said on Reddit’s Makeup Guru Chatter, “As a hijabi, I get really giddy when I see non-hijabi influencers make videos like this. It’s the smallest thing – do your makeup and pretend stick a hijab on after. It just feels welcoming… I just enjoy the acknowledgement.”

Even if Aina didn’t nail the whole Halal (acceptable) and Haram (unacceptable) part of the video, she tried, and she gave recognition where it’s due. Make sure to check out the whole video above to see her entire look and which products she scoured the Internet for to make sure they were Halal.