This Product Will Take Care of Itchy Scalp (Without Leaving Your Hair a Mess)

Megan Segura
This Organix shampoo is like heaven for an itchy scalp.

This Organix shampoo is like heaven for an itchy scalp.


If you suffer from itchy scalp (a separate issue from dandruff), then you understand how difficult it actually is to treat. Every salve, solution, and spray that aims to fix the dry scalp issue ends up leaving hair a greasy mess. I once tried coconut oil on my scalp as an all-natural solution, and while it did an amazing job of conditioning my scalp, it took three tries to shampoo it out—which only further irritated my skin. I think I’ve finally found a fix in the form of Organix Scalp Therapy Australian Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

I’ve always heard tea tree oil is a great way to fix dry scalp issues, but applying a few drops to your hairline leaves you with a pungent scent and greasy hair. The Organix shampoo ($6.79, harnesses the power of tea tree oil, but manages to still leave your hair feeling clean. The shampoo also uses neem oil to keep your scalp from feeling itchy.

After the first use, I didn’t experience the itchiness I usually feel the day after washing my hair, and it left my hair clean and hydrated (though not overly so). Although the conditioner ($6.79, is also labeled as Scalp Therapy, I only used it on the bottom half of my hair to make sure I didn’t cross over into oily territory.

What do you use to prevent/soothe an itchy scalp? 

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