There’s Only One Product You Need From It Cosmetics’ Friends and Family Sale

There’s Only One Product You Need From It Cosmetics’ Friends and Family Sale
Photo: ImaxTree.

There’s never a shortage of beauty sales, and we’re in the minority that believes the best ones have just one product you undoubtedly know is worth buying. Because while scrolling and scrolling and scrolling can be fun (and a great way to pass time), it’s just not conducive to a busy schedule or our modest bank accounts.

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We say all of this because It Cosmetics just unleashed its Friends and Family Sale, and we already know what we’re buying with that generous 25 percent off (purchases over $30) promotion. To be fair, the makeup and skin care brand has a nice amount of things to choose from.

There’s the Confidence in a Cream, an ultra-luxurious moisturizer that’ll keep your skin from freaking out in the cold.  And if you’re worried about your liquid foundation running down your neck, the best-selling Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder is also a viable contender.

However, based on our personal use and penchant for knowing a thing or two about makeup, you definitely shouldn’t pass up the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream With SPF 50. It literally has everything you need: a second-skin feel that covers up blemishes without caking, plenty of hydrators for staying supple under the coverage and most importantly, sun protection.

When we’re not feeling fancy enough to slather on our favorite full-coverage foundation, this is what we grab and feel confident walking out the door with. Our only caveat is that the shade range could be a little wider, but given the even shorter shade ranges that preceded this one, it’s definitely a vast improvement. Plus, the formula somewhat makes up for that shortcoming.

With the Friends and Family discount, it retails for just $28.50, so grab a tube to sample, stat.