Shoppers Say This $22 Self-Tanner Makes Them Look Like They ‘Got a Full Face of Filler’

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Shoppers Say This $22 Self-Tanner Makes Them Look Like They ‘Got a Full Face of Filler’
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It’s winter, and while we love bundling up and drinking hot cocoa, we don’t love the cold weather making our skin dry and dull. We want our skin to appear warm and glowy, when in reality, we could probably pass as Casper the Friendly Ghost. There’s no need to stress, though, because there are plenty of products that work hard to fight the season’s lack of vitamin D. We found one that comes in the form of an easy mist, contains skin-saving ingredients and gives you the best results possible.

The Isle of Paradise Day Dew Self-Tan Face Mist delivers powerful ingredients to your skin to provide a level of glow you didn’t know existed, let alone in wintertime. If the name sounds familiar, that might be because the brand is responsible for those TikTok-viral tanning drops that took over the FYP a year ago (and for good reason—they’re incredible). 

Back to the mist. It’s great for all skin types and addresses pores, redness and dullness. We’ll delve deeper into the formula that makes it a 4.5-star-rated Sephora product a little later, but for now, take it from a reviewer who couldn’t believe the results. 

“I wore this on vacation recently and my fiancé and I were so lost as to why I looked so different,” wrote one shopper. “I looked like I got a full face of filler!!!! My cheekbones and high points looked so plump and smoothed out.” 

That is one big ask from any beauty product, yet Isle of Paradise makes it look easy. And that’s because it is. To apply, make sure you shake it well to activate the phases. Then, add two to three sprays of the mist onto your face. That’s it. Soon enough, you’ll get the most radiant results. It’s simple to use, small enough to take with you on-the-go and so good you won’t need to pack on the bronzer or use warm filters on your Insta photos. Plus, it’s only $22 at Sephora.

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Isle of Paradise Day Dew Self-Tan Face Mist Sephora

Photo: Isle of Paradise.

It’s easy to see how the results are so amazing, because the bottle contains brightening vitamin C, soothing rosemary leaf oil, plumping glycerin and hydrating hyaluronic acid. There’s also cocoa seed oil to shield your skin from harmful blue light (a.k.a the light from your electronics). 

It’s a unique oil and water formula that has two phases. The phases activate once you give the bottle a good shake. This way, you’re left with a gradual, natural-looking glow that you simply can’t get from caking your face in several different products. 

“This might be my favorite self-tan product of all time, and trust me I have tried them all. I am ghastly pale in the winter and in the summer I don’t tan, just freckle,” wrote one reviewer. “This gives a perfect subtle tan that progresses throughout the day.” They also noted that a few more spritzes than the suggested amount works best for their skin.

We can’t forget to mention that it’s vegan and clean, as well as gluten- and cruelty-free, so you know what you’re putting on your face is good for your skin and the planet. 

“I use this every single day and absolutely love it. It gives my skin a nice natural glow, while adding a tan that also looks completely natural,” wrote another shopper. “To help for the tan, you must apply BEFORE makeup (I also apply it after make up to get a nice glow.). You can either just spray and go or gently rub it in with finger tips, it just depends on how of a shine and glow you like.”

For the healthiest, plumpest and dewiest skin winter ever saw, try out Isle of Paradise’s self-tan face mist.

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