Is Wedding Planning Stressing You Out? Read this.

Susan Foster
WeddingDayStress Is Wedding Planning Stressing You Out? Read this.

On your wedding day you want to be at your beautiful best in the eyes of all beholders. Yet in the weeks and months before, the decisions and details can easily be overwhelming. All the must-do’s together with the intense emotion and great expectation stir up a stressful brew. The last thing you want is to let stress, worry or lost sleep compromise your special day radiance. Here are a few tips for making sure dark circles, frown lines and pallor don’t compromise your gorgeous wedding
day glow.

1. Be aware of stress creeping up on you. Learn to recognize the early signs of stress before upset and tension get out of control. We all have our warning signs such as headaches, stomach cramping or a pounding heart. Don’t wait till the signal gets loud. Cultivate awareness and handle the situation right away.

2. Practice saying no, kindly but firmly. Every bride-to-be is over-solicited, even (or especially) by those she loves most. Responding to every request is a sure road to burnout and resentment. Extreme self-care means putting your well being first at this special time. When reminded in a nice ways, most people will understand and support your resolve not to be all things to all people.

3. Set a daily cut-off time for dealing with wedding prep. After perhaps 9 P.M. every evening shift to quiet time. Encourage a good night’s sleep by winding down with an aromatic bath or an inspiring book or a brief meditation.

4. Keep good lists and be realistic about how much you can get done in a day.

5. Keep reminding yourself of what really matters most. While details abound, the essential priority is enjoying a wonderful day while celebrating your loving union. Whenever you feel agitated, recalling the essence will give you perspective.

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