Introducing These Lips are Made for Glossin’

These Lips Are Made for Glossin'

You know how in the comments section of a blog there are always 100 people who post “FIRST!” They want everyone to know that they were indeed number one in an undefined competition.

Here at These Lips are Made for Glossin’, I’m going to be first. I’m Lisa Gradie. I’m a carbon black mascara-wearing, lip-gloss-toting beauty addict. I view September Vogue to be my King James, I dye my hair every four weeks because I’m 50% gray and I love trying anything that’s new and/or improved.

Sometimes I feel my life revolves around beauty’s mysteries and wonders. I’m amazed at how some women – and men!- have mastered the art of liquid eye-liner application. I believe that grooming of all body hair is an imperative part of life. I’m a huge proponent of the Brazilian wax.

These topics are just a taste of what I’ll be blogging about here at These Lips are Made for Glossin’. If you’ve ever cried because you cut four inches off of your hair, or cringed as your masseuse fondled your back fat, this blog is a safe place for you.

I wear mascara to the gym and I’ll always try anything once. Always.