Introducing… La Brasiliana Keratin Treatment at Ted Gibson Salons!

Megan McIntyre
la brasiliana Introducing... La Brasiliana Keratin Treatment at Ted Gibson Salons!

Our newest hair treatment at Ted Gibson Salon is La Brasiliana. La Brasiliana is our Brazilian Keratin Treatment, now available at both our New York and DC locations. You MUST say it with an accent: La Brasiliana.

The treatment makes an immediate and major difference with manageability and shine. We offer it in two formulations, one with formaldehyde and one without. For women with coarser hair, the added formaldehyde helps coax their hair into compliance. The process takes about three hours and costs $450-800 depending on hair density and length.

The process is as follows: Hair is washed and blow-dried. Then, the treatment is brushed in, all throughout the length and thickness of hair. Lastly, the hair is flat ironed so that the sleekness is sealed in. That’s it! The client must remember, however: No ponytails, no washing for four days. But after that, it’s all about low-maintenance, super smooth hair that simply air-dries to chic perfection.

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