Do Not Attempt These Insane Braids Without A Professional

Megan Segura
Do Not Attempt These Insane Braids Without A Professional
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It's Braids Week on Daily Makeover! Check in all this week for braided hairstyle inspiration, tips and tutorials.

You see that little bun at the top of her braid? Yeah, that's about all we could manage from this hairstyle. 30 Unique Braids From Pinterest

Photo: © Pinned by Alex Johnson

So we tried recreating this massive braid, but only got to the ponytail before giving up. 15 Summer Hairstyles From Pinterest

Photo: © Pinned by Claudia Magallon

Please tell us this little girl didn't braid her own hair. That would just make us feel bad about ourselves. The Easy Trick to a Gorgeous Braided Updo, As Seen on Salma Hayek

Unless you have a good 48 hours set aside to work on it, we don't suggest attempting this hairstyle. Hairstyles To Wear To The Beach

Photo: © Pinned by LT Campbell

You could try recreating this hairstyle, or you could just buy an actual flower and stick it in your hair. 10 Ways To Wear Your Hair To Every Type Of Wedding

Photo: © Pinned by Charlotte Çelik
Photo: © Pinned by Millie Love

Even with all the time in the world, we still wouldn't be able to figure out this pattern. Are Cornrows Cool Again?

Photo: © Pinned by Candy Palacios

Just don't wait until your actual wedding day to attempt this bridal hairstyle. See Jennifer Aniston's Edgy Braid

Photo: © Pinned by Cindy ThatsMe

Don't even pretend you could do this chain-link braided hairstyle. 20 Must-See Ponytails From Pinterest

Photo: © Pinned by Chicky White

Clearly this person was just showing off. The Best (And Boldest) Braids From Cannes

Photo: © Pinned by Sue via

Nope, not happening. Top 10 Chignon Hairstyles

Photo: © Pinned by Lilly Gallegos
Photo: © Pinned by Yolanda Carter

How does one even think up these hairstyles? 5 Ways To Make A Braided Updo Look More Grownup

Photo: © Pinned by Ariana Gonzalez

All the YouTube tutorial videos in the world still wouldn't be able to teach us this hairstyle. 10 Hairstyles For Second-Day Hair

Photo: © Pinned by Ruth Morales

Do you have any idea how long it would take to create this hairstyle? 7 Pretty And Practical Gym Hairstyles

Photo: © Pinned by Tara Mera

We would happily pay someone to style this for us. But do it ourselves? We think not. Try This Beachy Wave/Braid Combo

Photo: © Pinned by Dulce Karamelo via Beautylish

You must be a very brave person to take a stab at this piled high braided hairstyle. Get The Look: Stacy Keiblers Fishtail Braid

Photo: © Pinned by Wanda SemiRetired Gibson

Unless you're Supermom, don't even try this on your kids. 5 Braids You Can Do in 5 Minutes Or Less

Photo: © Pinned by TeriDawn Kreitzer

Thanks, but we think we'll stick to our basic single braid. You Need To Master This French Twist Ponytail Immediately

Photo: © Pinned by DeAnna Woodard via Bridal Shower Ideas

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