Instant Makeover: Create 720 Different Lip Looks With This Set

If you want a super pigmented lipstick, customizable color and a fun metallic lip for holiday all in one, the newest lineup in  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Lip Tars ($16, portfolio deserves a place on your wishlist.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars

Photo: David Phelps

Last week I tried Metallurgy, a set of six metallic lip shades. What’s so fun about them is that you can mix and match all of the shimmer finish shades to create colors that complement your skin tone, outfit, mood, you name it! Think about it: Six shades equals…720 different color combinations. (Yeah, I had to break out my 9th grade algebra there).

One of my favorite combinations is Electric Grandma, a soft peach, with Triptych, a honey mustard yellow, which together make that subtle peachy orange we’ve been seeing everywhere lately. Then there’s Triptych and Authentic, the copper shade, which blend together to create a golden nude — perfect for darker skin tones. And for a dark fuchsia that isn’t too bold, I mixed Super NSFW, a cardinal red, with Iced, a shimmer white.

Which combo would you try with this collection?