Get an Instant Face Lift with These Makeup Tips

Megan Segura
Kim Kardashian, before and after contouring

Kim Kardashian’s face looks totally different since she started contouring with makeup.
Photo: Getty Images

You can use all of the contouring serums and anti-aging moisturizers you want, but if it’s instant results you’re seeking, then makeup is the key to looking younger. Take Kim Kardashian, for example. Through the use of special makeup tricks from her makeup artist Scott Barnes, she has sculpted a face that has definition in all the right places. Barnes and makeup artist Ramy Gafni gave us their best tips for getting an instant face lift.

1. Make contouring the first step of your makeup routine.
“Don’t contour with bronzer on top of your makeup! Contour before you put on foundation,” says Barnes.

2. Contour under your cheekbones for a lifted look.
High cheekbones are the key to a youthful, lifted face. To sculpt them, use a foundation that’s a shade or two darker under your cheekbone. Next, “use a foundation that is a shade or two lighter than your actual shade to highlight areas of the face you would like to accentuate,” says Barnes. This lighter shade should be applied above the cheekbone.

Kim tweeted this photo, saying "Wanna see how @scottbarnes68 contours?!"

Kim tweeted this photo, saying “Wanna see how @scottbarnes68 contours?!”

3. Add blush on the apples of the cheeks to create fullness.
Plump cheeks are a sign of youth. To fake them, smile into your mirror and apply blush on the fullest part of the cheek. “Don’t create a racing stripe,” says Barnes.

4. Apply eyeliner and mascara to the upper lash line only.
“This will visually lift your eyes dramatically,” says Gafni. And since lashes become sparser with age, “Add an extra coat of mascara for every decade over thirty,” he suggests.

5. Add dimension to your eyelids.
Gafni suggests blending a taupe eye shadow, like RAMY The Perfect Eye Wand ($24,, to the creases of your lids only. This helps eyes look larger.

6. Add the final touches.
Fill in your eyebrows for added definition to your face. “The key is to choose a neutral color or a color that’s two shades lighter than your current hair color,” says Gafni. And don’t forget a bright lipstick. “Brighter lip colors can brighten the entire face for a more youthful appearance.”

For more contouring tips from Scott Barnes, check out his books About Face and Face to Face.

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