These Instagram Makeup Tutorials Will Blow Your Mind

Alle Connell

When it comes to beauty tutorials, it takes a lot to impress us. And instagram beauty videos are mostly girls slowly applying lipgloss, so we’d basically written the form off entirely. We mean, how much can you possibly learn in fifteen seconds?

Turns out that’s all the time Ellarie needs to show you how to be an absolute makeup genius. It would be an understatement to say that we’re pretty obsessed with her Instagram videos; in 15 seconds, she demonstrates complicated makeup techniques better than most artists do in two-hour classes. For example, if you just don’t understand contouring, this video makes it super-clear.


WE KNOW, THAT IS INSANE. She’s also made a longer, more detailed video that breaks down the same process.

But it’s her lip videos on Instagram that are really amazing. Easy to understand and beautiful, each is a makeup masterclass—and you can watch all of them in under two minutes.


Ever wondered how to do subtle ombre lips? She’s got you covered.


Want to embrace the greige lipgloss trend without looking like a corpse? The secret is a darker lipliner and careful shading. Observe.


Looking for an amazing nude lip combination for darker skin? Bam.


If you’ve always wanted to wear vampy dark lips but aren’t sure how to pull it off, the secret is layering your products (pencil and gloss).

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'Ellarie' liner and lippie by @colourpopcosmetics.

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Have a satin-finish lipstick that you want to make matte, but don’t want to look like a powdered doughnut? Here’s how to do it.


And if you’re feeling really brave, why not copy this dark blue shimmer lip look? It might not fly at the office, but it’ll definitely turn heads—and hey, don’t we all secretly want to be mermaids?


Check out Ellarie’s instagram for gorgeously inspirational makeup looks, and her youtube channel for fun, creative videos. We know the term “beauty guru” gets thrown around a lot, but this girl is definitely deserving of the title.

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