We Can’t Stop Watching This Mesmerizing Mona Lisa Makeover Instagram Video

We Can’t Stop Watching This Mesmerizing Mona Lisa Makeover Instagram Video
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If you dissect the phrase “makeup artist,” you’ll find the word art embedded in there. Ask anyone on the street, though, and they might say makeup isn’t art. However, we believe you need serious skills to paint a face properly. Instagram user @liza.kondrevich proved us right when she took it to a whole new level by snagging Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa and giving her a 2017 makeover.

The post on Instagram has blown up over the past three days, with the original post having over 250,000 views. But only five hours ago beauty guru, Huda Kattan, reposted it to her own page captioned “OMG 😱😍😍😍” and has since gained over 2,000,000 views.

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We’re on board with Huda, and think this Mona Makeover is hilarious and gorgeous at the same time. While some people are disgraced by Kondrevich’s altering of the painting, she commented back by saying “Guys, this video is only for people with sense of humor! Leonardo da Vinci was a genius and stay my idol ! I was copying his paintings when I was a little girl ! My message is (no offense) : I don’t like this wiggly eyebrow trend either blurry pictures on @Instagram where whole nose disappears.”

Da Vinci was a genius, but this modern take is pretty genius, too. Especially because Kondrevich applied real makeup to a print, instead of Photoshopping the famous beauty’s complexion. In one video, Kondrevich united a bunch of 2017 beauty trends—squiggly eyebrows, contouring, highlighting, glitter creases and glossy lips. And we’re all about it.

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While Lisa might look a tad dramatic wearing all the trends at once, she definitely blends in with the beauty Instagram feed.