Instagram Insta-Glam: Ombre Lips

Danielle Emig
Instagram Insta-Glam: Ombre Lips
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If you thought ombre was just for hair or nails, think again. The two-tone look is also trending for lips and works great because a darker shade around the lips with a lighter shade in the middle creates the illusion of fuller lips. To make the look natural, use two shades in the same color family and have them gradually fade into each other so it’s subtle. To get the look, use a brush to blend the darker color towards the center then apply the lighter shade in the middle of both lips.

Instagram users are experimenting with the trend, using pink, red, and dark purple colors. Some are even experimenting with blending the colors from top to bottom or bottom to top instead of focusing the lighter shade in the center. Check out the slideshow for some ombre lip inspiration and make sure to send us photos of your ombre lips to @BeautyHigh!

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@jaxvicious did a slightly different take on the ombre trend. She made her top lip darker and gradually got lighter on her bottom lip.

@carrilloamanda created an ombre lip with a gorgeous red lipstick. 

This bright pink ombre lip looks great on @_alinowell.

A subtle pale pink ombre lip like on @azia_persuasia can look good on anyone.

We love that @kforkarma is experimenting with the latest trends: ombre lip, pink hair, and yellow eyeshadow. 

@mishmashash did a dark violet ombre lip. 

@sonalispikes's purple ombre lips look great with her spiky necklace!

@twinsft pairs a bright pink ombre lip with a cat eye. 

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