Instagram Insta-Glam: Hair Twists

Rachel Adler
Instagram Insta-Glam: Hair Twists
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When it comes to new hair ideas, we’re constantly on the hunt for something that will make us look style-savvy and cute in five seconds flat. That’s where hair twists come in: When we saw models walking in the runways the past few seasons with tightly wound hair, we knew we could get down with this trend. Obviously it’s nothing new – we used to try to twist our hair back in middle school, but now that look has taken on a new, mature vibe.

We went to the source – real people – to find inspiration for the style yet again, and searched through countless photos on Instagram to figure out exactly how we need to be twisting our hair out of our faces. Whether you’re trying to hide any remnants of half grown-out fringe, or you simply want to try out a new style for awhile, this look is worth taking for a spin.

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Twist things up with these cute twisted hairstyles!

@Allhairallday shows off an easy way to pull your hair out of your face with this simple twist on both sides of your head, connected in the back. 

@Alliebreemakeup chose to jazz up her tousled waves with a chunkier side twist on both sides of her head. 

@Braidsandstyles12 created a fake half-shaved look with twists along one side of her head, leaving the rest of her hair down. 

@Brightonbeachpeach dressed up her ponytail with some sleek and tight hair twists. 

@Carolinawalesiak_fitness pulled one side of her hair back into a sleek twist, leaving the rest of her hair loose and in soft waves. 

@Creationsalanikki shows off one of her favorite looks, a twisted braid that only takes two sections of hair instead of three. 

@Desiree_ochs chose to use a large hair twist intertwined into a low chignon for a bride on her wedding day. 

@Ebonymercedes also used a hair twist along the side of her face, wrapping the twisted section of hair along the side of her low chignon. 

@Kimeetee chose to complete her sleek hairstyle with hair twists all the way around her head. 

@Nodebutante highlighted the pink streak in her hair with a hair twist on one side of her head. 

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