Instagram Insta-Glam: Fancy Ponytails

Danielle Emig

While we envy glamorous updos and voluminous hair, we usually just stare at awe at photos of celebrities and models on Pinterest instead of spending hours trying to copy the hairstyle. Instead we opt for the same hairstyle everyday that we know we can do and looks good. But this can get boring – and it’s fun to create the latest hairstyle for holiday parties or just when you’re tired of routine.

That’s why ponytails are great – we all know how to do them and they’re so versatile. Say goodbye to boring ponies and check out the slideshow for inspiring ‘dos from Instagram. Leave some hair out to wrap around your hair tie to make your ponytail instantly fancy, or do a slight twist or braid before securing. No one has to know that you only spend five minutes instead of five hours on your hair and you’ll still look ultra chic. Then tell us, what is your favorite way to update your ponytail?

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