Instagram Insta-Glam: Double Cat-Eye Wings

Victoria Moorhouse
Instagram Insta-Glam: Double Cat-Eye Wings
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Practice makes perfect, as they say, so why not get to work on fine-tuning that signature cat-eye wing by drawing not one, but two within your next look. A double winged look adds more of a graphic, geometric edge to what can be considered as one of the most classic eye makeup looks around. Whether you’re really going for it by drawing exaggerated straight lines on the top and bottom lash lines with space in-between, or separating one thick line created with a felt-tip liquid pencil into two wings on the upper lash line, there’s plenty of room for experimentation—especially if you’re trying out the look with an eyeliner color other than black. Try your own hand at the double cat-eye wing and use these incredible Instagram examples for inspiration.

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@being_elle drew on a thin line of black liner to her top and bottom lashes, winging each line out to the side with a small space in between, and accented the graphic look with a pop of pink lipstick.

Photo: Instagram: @being_elle

Go for a classic take on the cat-eye with a thick line along only the upper lashes and two cat-eye wings curving upwards like @whatrosaliedid.

Photo: Instagram: @whatrosaliedid

@sillsmcgee paired her graphic double cat-eye wing with bronze and shimmering shadow shades.

Photo: Instagram: @sillsmcgee

A less dramatic bottom cat-eye wing, nude lipstick, and neutral shadow hues balanced out the dramatic top liner of this look by @dinahartistry.

Photo: Instagram: @dinahartistry

@sassykassi11 paired her double cat-eye look with a super dark, vampy lipstick shade.

Photo: Instagram: @sassykassi11

Fluttery lashes make this trend even more chic. Check out this look by @samantha_wilson2013.

Photo: Instagram: @samantha_wilson2013

Give your double cat-eye tiny wings with inspiration from this stunning creation by @colleen_darling.

Photo: Instagram: @colleen_darling

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