Instagram Inspiration: Summer Ponytails

Megan Segura
Instagram Inspiration: Summer Ponytails
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Summer is on its way and you know what that means? No longer is the ponytail reserved for rainy days and late mornings, but is a carefree go-to. Here are some ponies we stumbled upon on Instagram to get you inspired to ditch the curls and go for the pony! This waterfall braid, held together in a pony by Hairpics has had us practically drooling. As long as you know how to do the waterfall braid, we promise it's easy to recreate!

Get The Look: The Waterfall Braid

Photo: Instagram User: Hairpics

A fun way to play up a long pony is by braiding the hair on top, like Instagram user _passion_4_fashion_ did. She created a slightly off-center part and then french braided both sides before holding in a ponytail. This is great for thicker hair because it gives the braids a lot of depth.

Braids To Try Right Now

Photo: Instagram User: _passion_4_fashion_

From the red carpet to the runway, we've noticed that twists are definitely back in full force. We love that user aompitcha added subtle twists into her perky pony for an elegant style.

Get The Look: Lea Michele's Braided Updo

Photo: Instagram User: aompitcha

We thought we'd join the fun with our own Instagram pony. I created this on Assistant Editor Caroline. It just consists of a small french braid at the top that is folded over the elastic.

Top 10 Celebrity Ponytails

Photo: Instagram User: Dailymakeover

We love this intricate pony braid by yogabba_gab that reminds us of a woven basket (hence the name). Here's how to break it down: First braid a small piece on the right side. Then pull the braid over to the left, separate into three pieces and braid an inch or two of the hair. Then finish with a pony!

Get The Look: Kate Middleton's Braided Updo

Photo: Instagram User: yogabba_gab

We're still a litlte unsure about the all-out headband braid (or heidi braid), so this braided pony is a perfect alternative. Start braiding at the ear and continue to the other side of the head, placing it into the pony.

What Do Guys Really Think Of Braids?

Photo: Instagram User: everything_teen

So simple and yet, it is one of our favorites. We hope that ribbon bows are back for the long haul. Who doesn't want to look angelic once in a while?

Get The Look: Zooey Deschanel's Retro Ponytail

Photo: Instragram User: Hairpics

And sometimes, just a simple pony will suffice. The great thing about a shorter 'do like lovejustgirlythings', is that it looks styled in a straight-up plain pony. Admit it, you're inspired to try a pony.

Quick And Easy Celebrity Hairstyles

Photo: Instagram User: lovejustgirlythings

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